10 Best Tree For House Rooftop Gardening

Japanese Maple


With its stunning foliage and compact size, the Japanese Maple is a popular choice for rooftop gardens. It comes in various colors and shapes, adding elegance and a touch of drama.

Crape Myrtle


Known for its vibrant flowers and smooth bark, the crape myrtle is a small tree that brings bursts of color to your rooftop while being relatively easy to maintain.

Olive Tree


The graceful branches and silvery foliage of an olive tree can lend a Mediterranean charm to your rooftop garden. They thrive in sunny, warm conditions.

Dwarf Citrus Trees


Varieties like dwarf lemon, lime, or orange trees not only produce fragrant flowers but also offer fresh fruits in a compact form, making them perfect for rooftop gardening.

Dwarf Japanese Cedar


This slow-growing evergreen features dense foliage and a pleasing globe-like shape, adding a touch of green all year round.

Weeping Cherry


The cascading branches adorned with delicate pink or white flowers create a stunning visual display in spring, making it a showstopper for rooftop gardens.



With its early spring blossoms and vibrant fall foliage, the serviceberry tree adds beauty across multiple seasons. It's also relatively compact.

Hinoki Cypress


These evergreen trees have a distinctive shape and texture that can provide a unique focal point for your rooftop space.



Depending on the variety, magnolias offer large, fragrant flowers that can infuse your rooftop garden with a sense of luxury and nostalgia.



Compact varieties of dogwood trees, like the Cornus kousa, boast beautiful spring blooms and often have attractive foliage color in the fall.

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