5 Small Plants Perfect for Your Balcony Garden

Cheerful Lavender

Look: Pretty purple flowers, nice smell. Sun: Lots of sunlight. Water: Let soil dry a bit between waterings. Tip: Trim after flowers bloom.

Cute Succulents

Look: Cute chubby plants in various colors. Sun: Bright, not too much direct sun. Water: Soil should dry completely before watering. Tip: Use special succulent soil.

Yummy Basil

Look: Green leaves, tasty smell. Sun: Some sun, not too hot. Water: Keep soil damp, like a squeezed sponge. Tip: Pinch top leaves for bushy growth.

Colorful Petunias

Look: Big, colorful flowers. SunSun sometimes, little shade too. Water: Keep soil moi: st but not soaked. Tip: Remove old flowers, occasional plant food.

Fresh Mint

Look: Leafy, refreshing smell. Sun: Some sun, a bit of shade. Water: Keep soil damp. Tip: Plant in a pot, trim regularly.


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